Dr. Steven L. MacCall

Associate Professor

Department: School of Library and Information Studies

Degree: Ph.D., University of North Texas

Areas of Expertise

Digital Repositories
Digital Libraries


Dr. Steven MacCall is an associate professor in SLIS. He is a nationally recognized teacher who coordinates the Organization of Information area courses for SLIS. In addition to teaching the introductory LS 500 Organization of Information course, Dr. MacCall also developed an advanced course on the topic of metadata and the first CCIS doctoral seminar in social media and mobile computing. He may be found on Twitter at http://twitter.com/stevenmaccall. His primary research interests fall into the general area of cooperative organizing theory, history, and practice, including systems design and development, the latter of which resulted in a patent issuance, membership in the Alabama Chapter of the National Academy of Inventors, and a submission to the 2008 Alabama Launchpad Business Plan Competition.  Currently, Dr. MacCall has undertaken a project with the Paul W. Bryant Museum to examine and experiment with state-of-the-art indexing methods for both born-digital and digitized images of University of Alabama athletics. The Museum holds both current and historical images in their growing digital repository. In addition, he holds membership in the American Library Association, the American Society for Information Science & Technology, and the North American Society for Knowledge Organization and is currently serves on the Board of the Association for Library and Information Science Education. Further information is available online at http://www.slis.ua.edu/Maccall.html.

Selected Highlighted Works

MacCall, S.L. (2011). Knowledge organization under digital inversion: A theory for cooperative librarian organizing practices for online textual artifacts. In R.P. Smiraglia, (Ed.) (pp. 74-82). Proceedings from North American Symposium on Knowledge Organization, Toronto, Canada, Available: http://tinyurl.com/5vd7lvj.

MacCall, S.L. (2006). Clinical digital libraries project: Design approach and exploratory assessment of timely use from clinical contexts. Journal of the Medical Library Association, 94, 190-197. Available: http://tinyurl.com/6oj8ymw.