Randall Huffaker


Department: Advertising & Public Relations

Degree: University of Alabama

Areas of Expertise

Digital MarketingBrand Development


Randall Huffaker joined the Advertising and Public Relations faculty in August 2012 as an instructor, teaching courses ranging campaigns, AdTeam, management, sports marketing, social media & digital marketing, art direction, portfolio development. Huffaker has partnered with clients including NASCAR, Fox Sports and the Football Bowl Association, creating opportunities for students to develop real-world problem solving skills through experiential learning opportunities. In May 2016 Huffaker and Dr. Kenon Brown helped implement a new program in partnership with NASCAR called “NASCAR Academy.” Its mission is to expose students to job opportunities and mentorships within sports marketing field through workshops and hands-on experience. Huffaker’s classes teach a myriad of skillsets including strategy development, management, social psychology, video editing, graphic design, advertising design, mobile responsive design, HTML/CSS and networking.

Huffaker has more than 20 years of experience in advertising and more than 15 in digital marketing. He recognized as emerging technologies took hold, social and digital media would change consumer behavior. As a result, in 2009 Huffaker opened his own agency, Alchemist, which focuses on brand development and digital marketing. He has worked with clients ranging from local to international, from financial institutions, hospitals, nonprofit organizations to a host of others. He continues to serve as consultant for a number of midsized agencies around the region, developing effective digital strategies to meet marketing objectives.