Dr. Meredith M. Bagley

Associate Professor of Communication Studies

Department: Communication Studies

Degree: Ph.D., University of Texas-Austin

Areas of Expertise

Rhetoric (criticism, theory, critical rhetoric)
Gender/Sexuality/Queer theory
Social movements/Social change


Dr. Bagley pursued her interest in rhetorical criticism and theory while earning her Ph.D. at the University of Texas at Austin in 2010 with a dissertation tracing rhetorical tensions surrounding the development of collegiate sports for women. She currently is working to develop a rhetorical framework for understanding appeals to fairness, via the “level playing field,” within sport discourse and elsewhere. Additional projects include rhetorical analysis of athletes coming-out as LGBT and the athletic body as a “voice” of protest for social/political issues. Her work often starts with discourse addressing gender/sexuality, linking to power dynamics around race, class, and other vectors of identity. She has been at Alabama since August of 2010 in the Department of Communication Studies. Her current sport of choice is rugby.

Selected Highlighted Works

“Coaching Neoliberal Citizen/Subjects, Fulfilling Fundamental Fantasies: Cultural Discourse of Fantasy Football.” In Sports & Identity: New Agendas in Communication, Eds. Barry Brummett & Andrew Ishak. New York: Routledge.

“Ideology, It’s in the Game: Selective Simulation in EA Sports’ NCAA Football.” With Ian Summers, in upcoming volume on digital games, editors Thomas Oates and Robert Brookey, Univ Indiana Press, expected spring 2014.

Bagley, M.M. (in press, 2013). ‘Put me in, boss’: Ideological fantasies in online sport leagues. Chapter within book project on sport and social identity. New York: Routledge.

Bagley, M.M. (2009). Performing social class: The case of Rutgers basketball versus Don Imus.” Sporting Rhetoric: Performance, Games and Politics (235-258). Ed. Barry Brummett. New York: Peter Lang.

Bagley, M.M. (2012). Rhetoric of fair Play: Tensions and possibilities for sport and social change. Fifth Summit on Sport Communication, Peoria, IL.

Bagley, M.M. (2011). Solitude of the athletic self, radical possibilities of Title IX. New Faculty Brown Bag Lecture for Dept Gender & Race Studies & Women’s Resource Center, University of Alabama.