Lars Anderson

Assistant Director of APSC

Department: Journalism

Degree: M.S., Columbia University

Area of Expertise: Magazine and News Writing


Lars Anderson teaches sportswriting in the Dept. of Journalism.  His class features discussions with leading writers from around the nation via Skype to discuss stories they’ve written, their reporting methods, and other germane topics. Anderson also digs deeply into several of his own stories – both from the magazine and books – to show the students how pieces are crafted and reported.  He has been with Sports Illustratedfor 18 years with primary beats for college football and NASCAR.


Anderson, L. (2016). The Mannings: The Rise and Fall of a Football Family. Ballantine Books.

Anderson, L. (2014). The Storm and the Tide: Tragedy, Hope and Triumph in Tuscaloosa. Sports Illustrated Books.

Anderson, L. (2005).  The All-Americans.  New York: St. Martin’s.

Anderson, L. (2009).  The first star: Red Grange and the barnstorming tour that launched the NFL.  New York: Random House.

Work appears regularly in Sports Illustrated and on