Dr. Jennifer Greer

Associate Provost

Department: Journalism

Degree: Ph.D., University of Florida, 1996

Areas of Expertise

Media effectsSource credibility
Sport and genderSocial Media


Jennifer Greer is associate provost for administration for The University of Alabama. Previously, she was interim dean of the College of Communication & Information Sciences and chair of the Department of Journalism. She’s served as a graduate director, department chair, associate dean or interim dean for 15 years. In addition, she’s taught journalism and mass communication courses, including writing, reporting and digital media, at Alabama, the University of Nevada, and the University of Florida for more than 20 years. She also served as executive director of UA’s Knight Fellowship in Community Journalism for two years, working in conjunction with The Anniston (Ala.) Star. Greer researches online news delivery, media effects, and sport and gender issues and has published numerous journal articles, book chapters and an edited book, Media Issues. She serves on the editorial boards several of three of the field’s leading research journals: Mass Communication and Society, Journalism and Mass Communication Monographs, and Journalism and Mass Communication Educator. Greer worked for The Kansas City Star as a business reporter and was managing editor of The Gainesville (Fla.) Sun’s first online edition. She earned bachelor’s degrees in journalism and political science from the University of Missouri, a master’s degree in political science from the University of Kansas, and a doctorate in mass communication from the University of Florida.

Selected Highlighted Works

Greer, J. D., & Jones. A. H. (2012). A level playing field? Audience perceptions of male and female sports analysts. The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, 6(8), 67-80.

Greer, J. D., & Murray, C. (2014). Armstrong, Bonds, and PEDs: Racial framing in U.S. newspapers 1999-2006 (pp. 255-277).  In L. L. Martin (Ed.) Out of Bounds: Racism and the Black Athlete. Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger Publishers.

Greer, J. D., & Jones, A. H. (2013). Beyond figure skating and hockey: How U.S. audiences gender type Winter Olympic sports. Sport and Society Journal, 3(4). 29-140.

Jones, A. H., & Greer, J. D. (2012). Go “heavy” or go home: An examination of audience attitudes and their relationship to gender cues in the 2010 Olympic snowboarding coverage. Mass Communication & Society, 15, 589-612.

Greer, J. D., Hardin, M., & Homan, C. (2009). “Naturally” less exciting? Visual production of men’s and women’s track and field coverage during the 2004 Olympics. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, 53(2), 1-17.

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