Dr. S. Seth Bordner

Assistant Professor

Department: Philosophy

Degree: PhD

Areas of Expertise

History of PhilosophyEthics
Philosophy of SportPhilosophy of Science


I joined the Philosophy Department at UA in the fall of 2011, coming from the University of North Carolina. Though my main research program is in the history of philosophy, I have a long abiding interest in the philosophy of sport, particularly regarding the ethics of sports adjudication and administration. I am an avid fan of college football and basketball, cycling, and Formula 1 racing, each of which raise fascinating and unique philosophical and ethical issues.

Selected Highlighted Works


  • “Call ’Em As They Are: What’s Wrong With Blown Calls and What To Do About Them,” Journal of the Philosophy of Sport, 2015, vol. 42(1), 101-120.
  • “‘All-Things-Considered,’ ‘Better-Than,’ and Sports Rankings,” Journal of the Philosophy of Sport, 2016, vol. 43(2), 215-232.


  • “Technology and Sport,” International Association for the Philosophy of Sport meeting, American Philosophical Association Central Division, Chicago, IL, April 2007
  • “Ethics, Instant Replay, and the Electronic Eye,” Eastern Pennsylvania Philosophical Association Fall Conference, Bloomsburg University, Nov. 2002


  • Philosophy of Sport (scheduled for spring 2013), University of Alabama
  • Sport Ethics (summer 2010), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill