Telecommunication & Film Majors Work on ESPNU Productions

When ESPN officially enters the late-night talk show scene on August 27th, UA students will have the opportunity to be a part of the show. UNITE will air daily on ESPNU at midnight ET, giving college-aged sports fans, what the network calls, a “late-night social destination.”

TCF majors, in conjunction with ESPNU Campus Connection, will provide student-generated content as UNITE social media coordinators, campus correspondents, and as part of the campus video team.  In addition, UA students can be involved in the show through tweets, Facebook messages, YouTube videos, Instagram photos, and as part of the ‘live studio audience’ through Google+.

UA has been an active partner in ESPNU Campus Connection since its launch in 2008. As a part of Campus Connection, students have submitted video features and written articles, for ESPNU TV shows and, and participated in live game broadcasts. 

Once a year, TCF students work on a Campus Connection live game broadcast of a sporting event on the UA campus. In December 2011, eleven students worked alongside broadcast professionals to televise the Crimson Tide men’s basketball game against Detroit on ESPNU. Students were integrated into the professional crew to perform on-air announcing, camera operation, producing and more.